Ayurvedic Specialities


Aromatherapy steam treatment and pressure point massage for the head, face & sinuses. Followed by inhalation of a few drops of therapeutic oils designed to drain the sinuses and clear the senses.

30 min/$60


Flowing warm oil over the forehead produces a meditative & restorative state beneficial for mental relaxation, rejuvenation & healing. Treatment includes a massage & is traditionally done in a series of sessions.

90 min/$225


A lymph stimulating body treatment using herbal powders & friction massage to help create more lightness & tone in the body. Good for weight loss programs. This includes a consultation.

60 min/$100

Netra Basti (Eye Bath)

Deep healing & cleansing “ghee bath” treatment for soothing the eyes. Nourishing for the optic nerve, brain and nervous system to heighten awareness & vision.

60 min/$120*

*Add to Massage/$100