Rejuvenation Retreat

Benefits of the Rejuvenation Retreat:

  • Removes toxins while rejuvenating body & mind.

  • Restores your constitutional balance - improving health and wellness.

  • Reverses the negative effects of stress

  • Slows the aging process while improving energy, vitality & clarity

  • Brings about deep relaxation and sense of well-being.

  • Re awakens connection to your best self

  • Rejuvenate locally rather than travel.

Your Retreat includes:

  • In - Depth Consultation

  • Ayurvedic Healing Meals / or Take Home Recipes

  • Private Yoga Sessions

  • Body Therapies

  • Herbal Remedies

  • Follow up Program

During your private retreat, you’ll be in session 2.5 - 4 hours per day in personal consultation, Yoga & treatments. Meals to go can be included in your retreat, or recipes/alternatives will be provided. You can stay in your own home locally, or in an Air BnB. We can help you locate quiet lodging nearby.