Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy

Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy is a system of wellness for your whole being.
It’s an integrative approach - recognizing that every part of our lives is involved when dealing with our health & well-being. Emotions, environment, relationships, lifestyle choices, diet, and feeling connected to our life path and values are all factors.

Sessions might include Mindful Yoga & Breathing Practices, Meditation, Hands on Bodywork, Nutrition, Herbs & Lifestyle changes to support you in better health, and connection with your deeper self. Increased clarity, less stress and greater well-being are some of the benefits of this approach.

Scientific Evidence shows that Yoga & Ayurveda can help address:
Anxiety * Autoimmune * Digestive Issues * Adrenal Fatigue
Chronic Pain * IBS * Trauma * Thyroid Conditions * Menopause Symptoms * Insomnia * ADD and more….

1.5 hour Individual Session: $165
8 Week Series & Package Discount Available