Spring Cleanse Groups
March 22-April 1, 2019 &
April 5-15, 2019

It’s perfect timing to do a Spring Cleanse!! . The changing from Winter to Spring is the best time and the easiest time to detoxify your system & lighten up your diet. Why not go with the flow? We’ll be using a system guided by the Wisdom of Ayurveda & modern Bio-Science in a powerful & intelligent approach to effective cleansing. This program will benefit your whole system, helping to balance your energy, weight and mood while removing toxins & forming new healthy habits. Ayurvedic diet & routine will reset your digestion & restore your glow, while the group energy will keep you motivated. Past clients have experienced excellent results with very little cravings, hunger, or discomfort. 

Your Cleanse Includes : 

  • Cleanse Kit (Basic or Deluxe)

  • Instructions & Protocols

  • Ayurvedic Recipes

  • Kick off Event & Group Meetings

  • Shopping Lists & Food Guide,

  • Private Facebook Page

  • Basic Cleanse includes Greens & Spices

  • Deluxe Cleanse Includes Greens, Herbs, Spices, Ghee
    & Self Massage Oil

  • Cost / Basic $160 Deluxe $240

Location : EarthSpa Yoga & Ayurveda Rejuvenation Center in Fairfax

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* We went to Rachael to do our first cleanse and it changed my life, and my husbands too. She guided us through a three week process, and we both lost weight (especially my husband) and since we have completely changed our eating habits. Rachael has guided many of our friend's, and we would recommend it to anyone. The best part was the lymphatic massage treatments - I have never felt better!"  Stephanie M~Fairfax

*When I came to this cleanse I was heavily nicotine & caffeine addicted and completely exhausted. I was expecting a horrible time with withdrawal symptoms, but today I feel energized, strengthened, and revitalized so much! I am thankful for this great gift Thank you Rachael for your phenomenal & delicious foods! 
Daniel L - Germany 

Some of the Recipes You'll Enjoy

  • Coconut Cardamon Smoothie

  • Spiced Mung Bean Soup with Cilantro Pesto

  • Lemon Spice Agni Tea

  • Sweet Potato & Spice Soup

  • Fresh Greens & Herb Soup

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"Spring is Nature’s New Year. It’s THE time of purification, healing and rejuvenation. Releasing winter’s residue and opening ourselves to new possibilities.  It’s the most harmonious time of the year for cleansing body and mind.  

All living things are influenced by nature’s cycles.
Every living thing on earth will respond to the energies of the Spring equinox by releasing toxicity from the cells. Why this is so important is because if you detox NOW, you’ll be going WITH the flow of nature, rather than against it.”