Cleanse & Rejuvenation Program

This program combines Ayurvedic Wisdom & Modern Bio-Science into a powerful & intelligent approach to cleansing & rejuvenation - allowing your body to release toxins while supporting balance. in your whole system. Ayurvedic diet & routine will help you form new healthy habits, while resetting your digestion & restoring your glow. The personalized support will keep you motivated. Past clients have experienced excellent results with very little cravings, hunger, or discomfort. 

Program Includes : 

  • Instructions & Protocols for a 10 Day Cleanse

  • Ayurveda Inspired Recipe Booklet

  • Shopping Lists & Food Guide,

  • Private Sessions

  • Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit Includes Greens, Spices, Restorative Herbs, Triphala, Ghee & Skin Brush for Self Massage

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“I loved the program. I was not hungry and felt lighter and more energized. I felt more in tune with the food I was eating. I've moved to a plant based diet, and feel more empowered . Rachael is a great leader, and very knowledgeable about food and the body. I recommend her program.I will do it again this year.”
~ Kathleen M. Mill Valley

“For those familiar with raw foods and juice cleanses, this cleanse is different. The way of this cleanse creates a homeostasis in the body for a deep reset thru pristine nourishment and organ support. After a 10 day cleanse I felt a glow from within, lighter, stronger, blessed! Rachael blends ancient wisdom with a modern pallette into a remarkable craft of healing.” Caroline S. ~ Berkeley

* We went to Rachael to do our first cleanse and it changed my life, and my husbands too. She guided us through a three week process, and we both lost weight (especially my husband) and since we have completely changed our eating habits. Rachael has guided many of our friend's, and we would recommend it to anyone. The best part was the lymphatic massage treatments - I have never felt better!"  Stephanie M~Fairfax

“I love Rachel’s Spring Cleanse.  She offers education, encouragement, community, and results. I learned excellent information, provided my body with a much needed reset & enjoyed the delicious food. I cant recommend this more highly. It’s truly a Spring Cleanse like no other - easy, effortless and effective. Thank you Rachael for providing this to the community.
MF ~ Fairfax

Some of the Recipes You'll Enjoy

  • Coconut Cardamon Smoothie

  • Mung Dhal with Cilantro Pesto

  • Lemon Spice Tea

  • Ginger Sweet Potato Soup

  • Chia Berry Pudding


Rachael Breeze has been leading individual & group cleanse programs in the community for over 10 years. She is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, trained in Ayurvedic Cleansing & Rejuvenation. She is also a Certified Living Foods Chef, and loves creating recipes that are pure, nourishing & delicious. She provides a nurturing space for you to cleanse at your own pace.