“Rachael is a genuine healer with unusual insight and commands a remarkable range of modalities. Through her guidance in Yoga & Meditation - in a very brief period, I have become physically stronger, leaner, more vibrant and appreciative of life. Simple & very practical changes to to my diet based on Ayurvedic principles have improved my digestion and energy such that I no longer rely on caffeine or have food cravings. I also have reduced the need for thyroid medications. Where Rachael stands out as a person is her qualities of complete integrity and empathy. She is a great listener. Through her sensible and practical methods she has made a real contribution to my well-being.
— Michael R. , Mill Valley, CA

“Rachael has been a phenomenal help with my health challenges, including a broken back. She is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, and bodyworker. Our sessions integrate all three. After many years of trying, with her guidance I’ve finally been able to develop my own yoga practice. I highly recommend Rachael.
— B. Burman, San Geronimo, CA

"I highly recommend Rachael.  Her holistic approach, utilizing not only her massage skill but her Ayurvedic training, allows her to customize every massage to the individual's needs.  This personal approach is a perfect compliment, whether for stress relief or healing. The EarthSpa environment is calm and welcoming, providing the perfect setting to relax into the massage.  Her studio is conveniently located in Fairfax, with ample parking."
-R. Trumbo, Berkeley, CA

“Rachael brings something so special and rare to her clients!
She holds space for us to shift the paradigm from doing and striving into being and listening. She reminds us all that we need is right here.
The yoga practice she offers is focused on listening and serving our bodies and soothing our minds. Rachael shows deep respect for the physical and emotional body, moving with intention, care and tenderness, recognizing that less is so much more.
— L. Serbina, Fairfax, CA

“Rachel is a truly gifted practitioner. I have had at least 10 massage sessions from her over the past few years and I have always emerged from our sessions in what can only be described as a deeply restorative trance like condition. Her hands are incredibly strong and radiate a warmth, tenderness, and soothing mercy few practitioners can match. She is present and intuitive and is always mindful to check in with you before and during the session if necessary. I suggest her hot stone therapy. It is utterly sublime. I look forward to seeing her again when I am next in the Bay Area!”
~Uri H, Los Angeles

I can truly say Rachael helped me regain and restore balance and energy. Each session was like a multitude of small gifts - with the biggest gift Rachael’s glowing presence, wisdom and knowledge. She “walks her talk” which inspires health and confidence for anyone who trusts in her care and attention.
— E. Parrish Fairfax, CA

My work with Rachael...Be ready to look at the whole picture. I’ve become so much more aware of how I walk through my days - beyond what I eat or how I stretch - and I’m seeing how everything is connected. Her methods are gentle, holistic, and make a big difference without requiring a drastic overhaul.
— Jason S. , Fairfax, CA

“Rachael has been my Yoga teacher & practitioner for over a year. She has helped me with my chronic pain, flexibility, insomnia, and intestinal problems. She has deep knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine, and is a true healer.
— M. E., Fairfax, CA

“The depth, knowledge and support Rachael facilitates are truly helpful and have had a powerful impact in my ability to implement some simple but wonderful shifts in my lifestyle.
— J. Greene, Fairfax, CA

“Rachael is an embodiment of the practice and approach she offers her clients. I felt cared for and respected. in the work we did together.— -Michael H. , San Anselmo, CA