Massage & Bodywork

Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage

This session includes an Ayurvedic pulse reading and therapeutic massage plus the use of hot stones to massage the whole body to increase circulation, release tension, and bring your system into balance. Promotes deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

60 Min/ $110
75 Min/ $135
90 Min/ $165

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage is good for immune function. It flushes toxins, and opens up areas of blockage due to injury, surgery, scar tissue, etc…using lymphatic drainage techniques with hot stones, gua sha, and aromatherapy to enhance the healing effects.

60 Min/ $110
75 Min/ $135
90 Min/ $165

Ayurveda Rejuvenation Treatment

Consultation, Massage with Hot Stones
with custom add ons including:
Lymphatic Cleansing
Guided Meditation
Gua Sha
Nasya Treatment
Foot Bath
Ayurvedic Aromatherapy
CBD Herbal Balm & Tinctures

Inquire about combining Treatments with a Personal Cleanse Program as an Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Immersion or Pancha Karma

2 Hours/$220
2.5 Hours/$275
3 Hours/$330